Company Profile

Nanjing Wis-Atom Technologies Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, focusing on providing shared and rental competitive E-Scooter, E-Bike and E-Motorcycle for sharing and rental markets all over the world. Its global vision is to provide global customers and users with safe, reliable, intelligent and practical short-traffic mobilities, including equipment, tools and vehicles, and best services. Meanwhile Wis-Atom develops to the best designer and provider of the most reliable mobilities. At present, the company has production bases or factory partners in Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou and Taipei in China, and has offices in Nanjing, Suzhou, Changzhou in China and Hyderabad in India.

Nanjing Wis-Atom Technologies Co., Ltd. is based on the concept of "people-oriented, truth-seeking, pragmatic, and innovative development". It aims to improve the future travel mode of mankind, and form one concept basing on safety, intellectualization, efficient, IOTs and mobilities.

Wis-Atom’s main business consists of four parts.

First, shared E-Scooter business. At present, the company has BES series of shared E-scooters with completely independent property rights, covering H-class E-Scooters, W-class E-Scooters and C-class E-Scooters. The life cycle of BES series scooter is up to more than twelve months, of which C-class products are up to more than twenty-four months, breaking the bottleneck of the product life in the existing market which cannot reach six months.

Second, shared E-Bike business. At present, both Wis-Atom and its cooperator developed the shared E-Bike BEB series H-class jointly. It has nearly three years of market practical experience already, and this series of E-Bike is still continuously optimized. It has now evolved into the third generation, and is aimed at different countries Customer needs, with exquisite and rich configuration options, to meet all of the market's kinds of needs. At the same time, the company's self-developed BEB series W-class E-Bike are in the sample testing stage. The W-class E-Bike has a high and low matching effect, which can perfectly match the European and American shared and rental markets. Its life cycle and cost advantages have greatly surpassed similar market products.

Third, shared E-Motorcycle market. Wis-Atom's BEM series of S-class shared intelligent E-Motorcycle, for the global market, can provide products covering three levels of large, which can perfectly cover the global shared E-Motorcycle market. This series of products has unique advantages in reliability, intelligence, cruising range, product service, etc., and makes the Wis-Atom to be one of the few domestic companies that can provide shared smart E-Motorcycles.

Fourth, rental E-Motorcycle business. Wis-Atom's BEM series of D-class products focuses on providing a full set of solutions for the global business of delivering food, fruit, vegetables, groceries, etc.. This series of products has undergone certain market practice tests and has a good reputation in terms of cruising range and reliability.

Nanjing Wis-Atom Technologies Co., Ltd. established its first five-year plan at the beginning of 2020 and is committed to becoming a leader of providing E-scooter, E-bike, B-motorcycle in shared and rental market all over the world. And now all of staffs are struggling for this five-year goal!

Our vision

The age of artificial intelligence has arrived. We integrate all the resources, through the deep development of software and hardware, to provide fast intelligent product solutions for the majority of customers who want to quickly develop products suitable for their own users in this era of artificial intelligence.   Facing new market opportunities and challenges, We will adhere to the purpose of "serving the society with high technology", strengthen technology research and development, providing users with mature and advanced product design solutions, and bring real benefits to customers with advanced high-tech products and excellent product solutions.